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Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, accurate, and personalized primary medical attention to each patient and family we serve, all at an affordable rate.

Our Vision Statement

Thunder Health & Urgent Care’s name was created based on the concept of honoring Oklahoma’s Native American roots.

Rolling Thunder, a native Oklahoman, was known for his remarkable healings and was one of the most celebrated and controvesial Native American medicine men of the 20th century. Thunder Shaman believed in having a harmony between body, mind and spirit.

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Thunder Health & Urgent Care is a family clinic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with dedication, experience, and compassion for each person and family we serve. The healthcare costs in America can take a toll on one’s financial burdens and so we strive to contribute to lowering their healthcare expenses. One of the many causes of increased medical costs is the lack of knowledge about which healthcare facility they need to go to when primary care arises. Most Americans report visiting the emergency room for their primary health concerns and thus, naturally getting a higher bill. In this case, what you need is a primary care provider, that is, a family clinic like us, allowing you to significantly lower your healthcare expenses.

Having a family health provider allows all of your family to get accurate medical attention anytime needed. Keeping your medical history and basing on those records as well as your present state gives them a head start from other family nurse practitioner as you receive on-the-point and familiar medical attention from diagnosis, treatment, to illness or complication prevention. If there are any medical specialists you need to visit to maintain your health, but family health providers who are experts at providing comprehensive care to a wide age range of patients through all stages of life.

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